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Alina Fluxa-Cutie, M.S, LMHC

Alina Fluxa-Cutie, M.S, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in mending and bridging gaps in the mental health field; Clinical professional with a passion of providing the utmost quality of services to individuals struggling with mental health disorders. Ms. Fluxa-Cutie has gained clinical knowledge and experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings and carries a background working with individuals across lifespans. Alina has extensive experience working with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, mood disorder, transitions and adjustment disorders, relationship challenges, parenting skills, and family communication and other mood-related and behavioral changes. She utilizes various therapeutic approaches including Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy. She is committed to helping clients foster self-awareness and gain insight into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and move forward into a path of healing, growth, and actualization. Ms. Fluxa-Cutie is bilingual and can conduct assessment and therapy in Spanish.