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Jeri S, Moore, MS, LMHC, CAP

Jeri S. Moore, M.S. is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Addiction Professional for over 25 years. Ms. Moore has worked in conjunction with the Miami-Dade Public School System counseling special educational children for 15 years. After, she worked with domestic violence, addiction, alcoholism and mental health issues. Jeri grew from therapist, to clinical director of more then one substance abuse/mental health treatment centers. Her path took her to work for Saint Thomas University for four years as a Professor teaching, “Addiction & the Family”. She now works for the Center for Psychological Services, counseling families, couples, individuals, teens, and children.

Jeri seeks to motivate her clients to accomplish their goals in a comfortable supportive environment. Jeri’s approach ranges from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Reality Therapy, Family Therapy. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and play therapy. Jeri deals with an array of issues ranging from depression, anxiety. substance abuse, anger management, anxiety, ADHD to OCD.

“I believe therapy is a collaborative effort between both therapist and client and my style involves helping to arrive at insight, strategies, and tools that you can begin using immediately to make positive change in your life. We don’t just sit and talk. I love to provide you with concrete tools wherever possible and help you to have a plan for the following days before our next session, if that is the pace you would like to move at. Most importantly, we are going to make sure we are making progress on goals that you have for yourself. I will be there to guide you, encourage you, possibly even challenge you if I feel you are unknowingly allowing obstacles to stand in your way. I love what I do, helping and working with people.”