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Jonathan Pintaluga, MS, LMHC

“The person who has had more experience of hardships can stand more firmly in the face of problems than the person who has never experienced suffering. From this angle, then, some suffering can be a good lesson for life.”

The Dalai Lama

Jonathan Pintaluga, MS, LMHC began to study Psychology in 2001, at the University Of Central Florida.  He has worked with adults in a variety of environments, ranging from local agencies, private practice, as well as colleges. Working with adults in different settings, led to his practice expanding to include working with children, families and couples. He works with a wide range of mental and behavioral issues including anxiety, depression, attention problems, substance abuse, anger and trauma. The life issues people face are also an important part of his practice: adolescence, death and dying, divorce, relocation immigration, addiction, assessment for surgery, social and diversity issues.

Jonathan creates rapport with his patients by spending the time needed to build a supportive and comfortable therapeutic relationship. He is eclectic in his approach to psychotherapy in order to create the right treatment plan for his patients’ needs. The modalities he utilizes range from cognitive behavioral, client focused and supportive therapy.

Jonathan is a member of The American Psychological Association. He is a graduate of Albizu University, class of 2003. Jonathan interned at  Goodman Psychological Services Center (GPSC or Goodman Center) is an outpatient treatment facility for mental health and speech and language services, providing mental health services to over 15,000 members of the South Florida community, including children, adolescents, and adults. Jonathan employs a combination of cognitive behavioral, client focused and supportive therapy in the process of therapeutic change, at The Center for Psychological Counseling Services.